Enhancing Growth in Rasbora argyrotaenia through Mucuna pruriens Seed Extract Supplementation

The Rasbora argyrotaenia, a local fish species, relies predominantly on wild capture in Indonesia, with East Java being a province with significant production. However, there has been a decline in the availability of these fish, from 7.00 tons in 2014 to 1.00 ton in 2021 (KKP, 2021). Despite increasing demand, dwindling natural resources present an opportunity for aquaculture efforts. However, the slow growth of Rasbora argyrotaenia poses a challenge in cultivation activities.

Our research indicates that supplementing feed with Mucuna pruriens seed extract can enhance specific growth rate, feed conversion ratio (FCR), and feed efficiency in Rasbora argyrotaenia. Supplementation at a dosage of 0.1 ml/kg of feed resulted in the lowest FCR (1.87) and highest feed efficiency (53.81%).

Mucuna pruriens seeds contain various bioactive compounds such as phenols, tannins, phytic acid, and L-Dopa, with L-Dopa ranging from 0.58% to 6.42% (Pulikkal Pura et al., 2015). L-Dopa is a natural non-protein isomer of aromatic amino acid that serves as a precursor for dopamine synthesis. Dopamine enhances the production of Growth Hormone (Ojha et al., 2014), thus optimizing the metabolism and growth of Rasbora argyrotaenia.

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