Enhancing Tubifex Worms Nutrition with Fish Silage and Bagasse Fermentation for Sustainable Aquatic Larvae Feeding

Tubifex worms are a natural food source often used to feed both ornamental and consumable fish larvae due to their protein-rich composition. However, their availability fluctuates throughout the year, especially during the rainy season. To address this, utilizing waste materials like tofu residue, chicken manure, and rice bran can enhance their nutritional content while reducing environmental pollution.

In particular, the study focuses on using catfish offal and sugarcane bagasse as nutrient sources. These materials, with their low economic value, contain the essential carbon and nitrogen Tubifex worms require for growth. Processing them into silage improves digestibility, with catfish offal silage boasting a protein content of 54.17%. Meanwhile, fermented bagasse has an organic carbon content of 30.79%. Combining these two enhanced materials supports Tubifex worm growth efficiently.

The study concludes that a combination of 25% catfish offal silage and 75% fermented bagasse in paddy mud yields the best results in terms of Tubifex worm biomass and population. This method not only promotes sustainable worm farming but also utilizes waste materials effectively.

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