Improving Tilapia Farming Efficiency with Biofloc Systems

Tilapia farming faces challenges due to slow growth compared to other species. Intensification efforts are crucial to boost production, often involving increased stocking density and artificial feed demand. However, this can degrade water quality.

Biofloc systems offer a solution by improving water quality in high-density conditions. In a study by Dewi et al. (2023), different stocking densities with and without biofloc systems were compared. Utilizing probiotics, the research targeted a C/N ratio of 12.

Results showed that biofloc systems lowered the feed conversion ratio (FCR) and improved feed utilization efficiency compared to controls. Treatment P2 (high stocking density with biofloc system) yielded the best results.

Biofloc systems enhance fish digestion and provide additional feed, increasing tilapia biomass. They also minimize organic matter issues associated with high densities.

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